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Win a chance to get a team ALTA CLASSE UPGRADE and get in on these EARLY BIRD REBATES! Captains, use Verto to collect team fees for RBC GranFondo Whistler 2022 before the following dates:

Offered by RBC GranFondo Whistler’s trusted group payments partner – Verto.

Get your teammates to use Verto to pay you for their RBC GranFondo Whistler tickets, earn up to a 15% rebate, and be entered into a draw for several lucky teams to get upgraded to the premium Alta Classe experience and other exciting prizes!

Using Verto, GranFondo team captains can easily collect fees from multiple people for very little effort. Sharable pay links, bill splits, payment requests, and reminders make group payments so easy before or after you register for the RBC GranFondo Whistler.

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Use Verto to collect team fees

Send requests, split the bill, or 'share' pay links to collect fees.

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We'll refund up to 15% for your fees.

What’s in it for me?

The 3 ways to collect team payments.

Collect team payments either before or after you register for the RBC Gran Fondo Whistler.

Shareable Payment Links.

Share a payment link with multiple teammates via e-mail, iMessage, Whatsapp, etc.

Bill Splitting

Our Bill Splitting function helps you split, collect, and track payments in one group view.

Payment Requests

There's also the classic 1:1 payment request to collect fees from one teammate at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Verto securely connects to banks and credit unions. Your data is securely encrypted, and we don’t share/sell your data to any third party. Here’s more on security:

Riders who choose to pay with Verto will need to create an account with us. A mobile number is all they need. 

Once all your teammates pay their RBC GranFondo Whistler ticket amount to you using Verto, you will receive a 15% rebate on your team’s fees!