From ☕️ to 🍺 or 🍕to 🌮, send your friends $5 for anything, and we’ll send you $20 for each new friend paid through Verto!

Offer ends Dec 31 (Midnight PST)


Send $5. Get $20.

Before Dec 31

  • Send friends and family $5 for anything that might brighten up their day. Once they accept your $5 using Verto, that’s when two good things happen: 
  • 1. You add to the number of people you can easily transfer cash with using our fast and simple app.
  • 2. You get $20 for each new friend!
  1. Send your payment through Verto using your friends’ mobile number.
  2. Your friend will get a payment link via SMS for your $5.
  3. Once they accept, we’ll send you $20 within 1 business day!
  1. This offer is valid for payments of $5 made Dec 7 – 11 (Midnight PST).
  2. $20 bonuses will only be given for every new friend that signs up to Verto and accepts your $5 payment.
  3. $20 bonuses will be sent out within 1 business day.
  4. Rewards are subject to verification at the time of redemption. The Company may delay the redemption of a reward for the purposes of investigation.

Reach out to us at with your name, email/mobile number, and your question. We’ll get back to you within 1 business day.