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The fast, simple, secure, security-question-free way to send and receive money. 

It’s like Venmo, for Canada. 🇨🇦

$15 Holiday Season Offer ends 28 Dec (midnight PST)


Transact at the speed of tech, not banking.

Enter a friend’s mobile number. Send them their cash instantly. Transfers should be that fast and easy.

It’s about time, Canada.

Do more than just ‘send’ payments.

Request them too.

From making sure your roommates never forget to pay you back, to ensuring that you’re paid on time for your freelance work – our ‘request’ feature’s got your back.

Send out requests and reminders, it’s hassle-free.

Keep tabs on who’s paid their share of the tab.

With Verto, you know which coworker’s ponied up for lunch, track which hockey buddies haven’t paid their league fees yet, and most importantly – who still owes you for beers from your last pub night!

Take control of the way your money moves. 

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  1. This offer is valid for new sign ups between Dec 23 – 28 (Midnight PST).
  2. $15 bonuses will only be given out for accounts that are legitimate and verified by our team.
  3. Verification may take upto 1 business day.
  4. Rewards are subject to verification at the time of redemption. The Company may delay the redemption of a reward for the purposes of investigation

Reach out to us at with your name, email/mobile number, and your question. We’ll get back to you within 1 business day.