A year of growth, creation, and your support.


Post wrapping up 2022, we wanted to give a quick shout-out to all of our amazing users. You’ve been awesome, and we wouldn’t have had such a great year without your support. 🙏

Top Engaged Cities

Most engaged users 

are from these 3 cities:

1. Vancouver

2. Toronto

3. Calgary


Followed closely by these 3 cities:

4. Edmonton


6. Halifax

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Let us know what you think our 5th most engaged Canadian city was from the list above!


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In 2022, Canadians used Verto for

2022: An appsolutely awesome year

Following the release of our web app in 2021, this year we launched both our iOS and our Android apps!

If you haven’t already, go ahead and download it now, for an even easier way to pay and get paid on the go.

Features you all engaged with most in 2022

Bill Splits & Group Collection:

No more endless back-and-forth payment requests, or tracking payments on a spreadsheet. Add all your friends into one Split, and watch the money roll in.

QR Codes:

Contactless, convenient, and secure. You don’t even need to share your personal phone number or email address to get paid. Show, scan, and that’s it!

Payment Requests:

Gone are the days of awkward IOU’s. With Verto, you can easily send payment requests and reminders to collect money from friends, it’s no extra hassle.

Newest, most requested feature!

Payment Links:


You spoke, we listened. But most of all – we delivered.


With Payment Links, our newest feature, you can collect money anywhere – from Whatsapp to Instagram or TikTok to Email. Pay and get paid from one, ten, or even hundreds of people, in one go – wherever your conversations happen.


Yup, we know…it’s almost tragic that something this simple and obvious hasn’t existed in Canada so far. 🙃

Canadian Partnerships

In 2022, we were also stoked to team up with some stellar partners in the Sports and Events space, collaborating to bring even more value to social, active, and outdoorsy Canadians!


🚴‍♀️ RBC GranFondo Whistler

⚽️  Urban Rec


Here are our most favourite testimonials from two of the many hundreds of Verto users that signed up with us through our partnerships: