The who, what, and why.

About Us

Our mission is simple. Financial empowerment for every Canadian, with smart apps that transform the way we spend, save, and invest.

Team Verto

Ron Martin


Colin Holowaychuk

Mark Messcu

Director – ProdMarketing
Riya Chak

Project Manager
Mark Bell

VP – Product Strategy
Jay Gibb


Director – Engineering
Curtis Olson

Senior Engineer
Eduardo Molinari


Senior Engineer
Derek Zak


Senior Engineer
Alfredo Ribeiro


DevSecOps Engineer
Kevin Willock

Dimitar Angelkov

Senior QA Engineer
Oscar Flores


Our Board has diverse experience across banking, finance, and tech.

What’s our “why?”

What makes us tick? Our drive to co-create with the people we’re building for, to innovate in ways the big banks won’t.

Verto is a Latin verb for exchange, or transform.

True to our name, we’re here to transform Canadians’ relationship with all things money related. It begins with an exchange of ideas, where collaboration meets co-creation. That grows into a suite of apps that work seamlessly with each other, just as much as they fit seamlessly into our everyday lives.

Verto isn’t just another platform built by the big banks. We’re a high-octane startup, built by entrepreneurs who’ve all done this before – taken an idea, built it up through constant innovation, into a trustworthy brand and business. While innovation and agility are in our DNA, so are reliability and experience. In the words of our cap’n, Ron, “This ain’t our first rodeo.”


1:1 user tests with our committee of testers and advisors.


Alpha users, using the Verto web and iPhone app to send and receive money in Canada.

Today we’re focusing on just VertoPay. Tomorrow, we’ve got a lot more coming.

We’re just getting started.


We’re starting with VertoPay, a payments app that’s like ‘Venmo for Canada’.

We’re also in the midst of building out a Merchant Payments app, low-fee lending offerings, and a debit card, for Verto wallet holders.


From in-wallet lending that provides NSF avoidance and a credit line, to buy-now-pay-later systems for easier living.

Since the primary reason to save money should really be to invest it, we also plan to build out investment products.


With increased saving capacity comes increased flexibility to invest in a variety of equities, ETFs, crypto, and more.

With personalized curation, we can help Canadians figure out what works best for their own personal financial journey.


We’re currently hiring for 8 open positions.

Want to work with a few fun folks?