Collect payments for events through pay links, QR codes, and bill splits.

From event organizers to social groups – Verto offers a simplified peer-to-peer and group payments solution to streamline collecting money before or after an event.

Verto, in a nutshell.

Verto is the fastest way to collect, track, and schedule payments in Canada. Similar to Venmo, in the States, we make it easy for people to transfer cash quickly and securely – using a person’s mobile number, QR code, pay links, or $VertoTag.

Organizers for concerts or trivia nights, and sports events or baby showers can all quite easily collect and keep track of payments from multiple people, for no extra effort. 

Everything you need, and more.

Save time with Instant e-Transfer.

Shareable payment links.

Real-time updates via text message.

Contactless with QR codes.

No extra hardware needed.


Collecting payments should be as instant as pulling out cash or tapping a card. Verto is a mobile-phone based peer-to-peer and group payment app that speeds up your money collection process, keeps personal contact info private, helps event organizers track payments, send reminders, and get instant updates on the status of all payments made.


Features that we’re launching soon.

1. Pay Links

Create pay links with predefined/custom form fields, to simplify collecting money, fees, donations, etc.

2. Verto for Business

The flexible way for businesses to get paid with one-tap checkout, recurring subscriptions, QR codes, and more!

3. Verto for Platforms and Marketplaces

Onboard merchants and service providers, manage payments, send payouts, and more.

4. Verto iPhone App!

All the features of the web app, plus additional valuable capabilities that come with a mobile app experience.

Securely connect your bank or credit union