You've set up an account with Verto - now what?

Replace your existing, outdated, slow e-transfer tool with a faster, simpler, and more modern alternative.

With Verto, peer-to-peer payments across individuals and groups couldn’t be any easier. 

First things first - connect your bank.

Connect your bank to instantly start using Verto for payments, or to transfer funds 

between your bank and Verto.

Connecting your bank

Step 1: Sign in through the website or download the iOS app or Android app

Step 2: Tap ‘Transfer’ on your Home Screen

Step 3: ‘Add Bank’ in the Manage Connected Banks screen

If you have any trouble connecting your bank, please reach out to 


In case you were wondering

Verto is a free payment platform for individuals, groups, and small e-commerce merchants. Unlike other transfer/payment tools in the market, Verto is instant, mobile-first, and modern.

Here’s everything Verto offers that Interac e-Transfer does not:

1.  Payment links for you to pay/get paid across your social media and messaging app.

2.  ‘Contact Connect’ for you to automatically sync Verto with your phone contacts and never again waste time manually adding in contacts

3.  Bill Splitting for group/team payments and collections

4.  QR Codes, to pay and get paid instantly with a simple scan.

1. Sign in to Verto

2. Head to your Account screen (on the left)

3. Tap the ‘My Wallet’ option

4. Tap the ‘Manage Connected Banks’ option

5. Add your Canadian Bank or Credit Union

1. Sign in to Verto

2. Head to your Account screen (on the left)

3. Tap the ‘My Wallet’ option

4. Tap the ‘Transfer’ option

5. Move money from Verto to your connected bank, or from your bank account to Verto.

 1. Instantly send and receive money from friends using only their mobile phone number or $VertoTag.


2. Use our Bill Split feature to collect funds from multiple people in one place. Yup, you won’t have to create a dozen e-transfers to collect your soccer team’s fees. Never again.


3. QR code payments are the secure way to move money fast and move money securely. The next time you sell anything to a stranger from Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or Kijiji – show them your QR code instead of revealing your personal email or mobile number.


4. Pay/collect monthly rent, schedule weekly payments to your dog-sitter, or send your partner your share of your joint data plan. Scheduled and recurring payments reduce your hassle.

You can send payments and requests to any Canadian using just their mobile phone number. To accept their payment, however, yes they will have to create an account through the payment/request link that they receive in their SMS inbox.

Yes! While you can always sign in with the web version of our app from, we do have both an iOS app and an Android app. The apps are even more powerful, streamlined, and easy to use.


  2. iOS app available here.
  4. Android app available here.

Verto was founded on the principle that you have a right to your financial information. You should get to decide where, how, and with whom it’s shared.


We are compliant with FINTRAC Canada’s regulations and registered as a Money Service Business.


Here’s more on our promise of security.

Currently Verto is a Canadian payments platform, for Canadian bank-account holders. In the near-future we aim to include international credit card payments, allowing us to expand our international payment capabilities.