Collect funds from multiple people, in one go.

From non-profits and charities to churches and activist groups – Verto helps entities that are looking to raise funds from multiple people, simply and securely.

Verto, in a nutshell.

Verto is the fastest way to collect, track, and schedule payments in Canada. Similar to Venmo, in the States, we make it easy for people to transfer cash quickly and securely – using a person’s mobile number, QR code, or $VertoTag.


Charitable organizations, Churches, or anyone looking for a crowd funding solution can quite easily share our payment links with one to dozens of people in one go.


We make collecting, tracking, and setting up “recurring” payments so easy.


Collecting payments should be as instant as pulling out cash or tapping a card. Verto is a peer-to-peer app that speeds up the payment process, allows you to send out a payment link to multiple doners in one go, creates unique QR codes for your cause (ideal for volunteers attempting to collect funds in public spaces), and even helps regular doners send you money on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.


Everything you need, and more.

Save time with Instant e-Transfer.

Unique QR Codes for your org + volunteers.

Maximize donations with shareable links.

Real-time updates for you and your doners.

No extra hardware or integrations required.

Features that we’re launching soon.

1. Bill Splitting to split a bill, expense, or group payment across multiple people. 


2. Verto iPhone app. For a more feature-rich payments experience.


Product Recap + Roadmap

Here's a peek into what we've achieved so far, and what we have planned for Q1 2022.
Check out this update by Colin Holowaychuk, our COO.
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Verto instantly connects to Canadian banks & credit unions.