Bill Split and Group Payments

Collecting money and settling up is quite a challenge when there are multiple people involved in a bill split. Well, to begin with – there’s math. There’s also the chase – following up after people to settle their share. Worst of all, there are all the little things that are time and effort intensive, from adding everyone’s payment details in and sending out reminders to people who constantly forget. 


Finally, there’s an app in Canada that can help you with all of that, and make bill splitting as simple as it should be. 


Whether you’re someone who splits travel expenses with friends, the captain of a sports team who needs to collect league fees every season, or you split groceries/utilities in a roommate situation, Verto goes the extra mile, to make it easy to settle up with a group as it is to settle up with one friend.

One transaction, multiple people.

Multi-select all the people involved in a group payment. All you need is their mobile number or $VertoTag. Send your payment to selected members or request payments from the group in one go. It’s a fraction of the effort.

Track payments made on/off Verto.

Do you have some friends who’d rather pay you in cash, some who’d rather use another payment method, and some who’d rather use Verto? Keep track of all of this, in one space with our bill split feature.

All-in-one, from split to pay.

Most bill splitting apps end at simplistic equal splitting. Most payments apps are for 1:1 payments. Verto’s got you covered from even/uneven split calculation situations, real time tracking, and auto reminders.

Now, that’s a good fit.

Product Recap & Roadmap

Here's a peek into what we've achieved so far, and what we have planned for Q1 2022.
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