QR Code Transactions

QR or “Quick Response” codes, like barcodes, but even better. Barcodes hold information horizontally. QR codes hold info vertically and horizontally – giving them the power to hold so much more. What this means is you can get paid a specific amount, to your unique wallet, by anyone you share your QR code with, without the need to share any of your personal info.

“Quick Response” – it’s in the name.

Holding all relevant payment information in their grid, QR codes allow payments to occur instantly, with just a phone camera. Point, scan, and pay.

Keep your personal info private.

Why share your email address, mobile number, bank details, or even your name to make a payment, when you have the option to go safe, secure, and private?

No POS device needed.

Perfect for self check-out situations or quick point-and-pay at a farmers market or Kijiji exchange. All the payor needs is their mobile phone.

Product Recap & Roadmap

Here's a peek into what we've achieved so far, and what we have planned for Q1 2022.
Check out this update by Colin Holowaychuk, our COO.
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