Share your unique payment link with the world. Grow with Verto Instant e-Transfer.

Finally, Canadian content producers, influencers, freelancers, buskers, and digital creators can get paid for their work, instantly. Help your followers and patrons support your craft.

Verto, in a nutshell.

Verto is the fastest way to send and receive money in Canada. Similar to Venmo or CashApp in the States, we make it easy for people to pay each other quickly and securely – using a person’s mobile number, QR code, or $VertoTag.



Finally, Canadian content creators have a super simple way to get paid online.

Perfect for people creating content on social platforms like these.


Sharing a unique link to your payment page, or sharing your $VertoTag, is secure. It’s a safe way to open yourself up to payments from followers without sharing any of your personal details with them. Regular e-transfers just don’t cut it for digital creators in Canada. The social world needs a payment app that enables easy and instant social payment.



A sense of deeper connection and loyalty. To finally be able to express appreciation for their favourite content creators, beyond a generic ‘like’. The goodness doesn’t stop there. Verto has no minimum limit. Followers can offer whatever they can share – no pressure to send at least $5, like with most bank apps.

Everything you need, and more.

Save time with Instant e-Transfer.

Never share your personal info.

Unique $VertoTag for ease of promotion.

Cashless and contactless.

No integrations, simply sign up in 30 seconds.

Features that we’re launching soon.

1. QR-code based payments, for faster payments. Create a QR code for yourself or for your brand. Followers can just scan and pay you!


2. Recurring and scheduled payments. Really want to promote yourself and grow – perhaps follow a “subscription” model for yourself!


3. Verto iPhone app. For a more feature-rich payments experience.



Product Recap + Roadmap

Here's a peek into what we've achieved so far, and what we have planned for Q1 2022.
Check out this update by Colin Holowaychuk, our COO.
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