Instant e-Transfer

Regular old e-Transfer is unpredictable in the time it takes to move money from one person to another. Sometimes it’s fairly quick and other times it can take up to 45 minutes. It’s never pleasant to not be sure where one’s money is, when it’s going to hit your account, or successfully be received by the person you’re sending money to. 


Digital wallets like Verto work faster than bank to bank rails. Wallet to wallet money movement is instant. You can be sure that your friend, roommate, hockey buddy, landlord, or customer has received your money within 1 to 3 seconds of you hitting ‘pay’.

For complete peace of mind.

Sending and receiving money can be stressful when you’re not sure where in the ether your money is on its transfer journey. Wallet to wallet money movement is instant, so you don’t have to worry.

Instant search and real-time updates.

In addition to moving money fast, we’ve also built a fast and streamlined transaction set up process. You don’t have ‘add recipients’ or create/answer security questions. Just use your friend’s mobile number or $VertoTag and hit pay or request.

Move money at the speed of tech.

Since we’re not a big bank we have more agility and flexibility to innovate. As a financial technology company, we’re going to keep innovating at the speed of tech, not at the speed of banking.

Now, that’s a good fit.

Product Recap & Roadmap

Here's a peek into what we've achieved so far, and what we have planned for Q1 2022.
Check out this update by Colin Holowaychuk, our COO.
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