JAN 7, 2022

Top 5 features built based on customer feedback during Verto’s beta release.

We launched Verto peer-to-peer in the summer of 2021 as a first step in the pursuit of our  mission to provide incredibly easy-to-use, smart financial apps that transform the way Canadians spend, save and invest. We are very proud of the progress that has been made on this journey.


Since our launch, we’ve received incredible feedback from our many users which has helped us make great strides in only a few months. Those insights are reflected in new features available today and that will be introduced in early 2022. 

Colin Holowaychuk, COO

A builder of products and processes. Colin's the man with the operational plan.

Looking back on these past few months of our beta phase.

1. Instant Search. ⚡️

Paying someone should be as fast as pulling cash out of your wallet. With Verto, search for your friend’s name, $VertoTag, or mobile number. There’s no “adding” a recipient or answering pesky security questions. Simply search, and send instantly.

2. Payment Requests 🙏

Requesting money that you’re owed can be hard. Take control back into your hands with Verto payment requests. It’s more control, less awkwardness, and easier for your friends to instantly pay you back.

3. Reminders ⏰

As much as we might try to make payments on time – to friends, for rent or utilities, to your kid’s music teacher – sometimes we just forget. An automated or custom reminder can go a long way in making sure payments are made, and made on time.

4. Instant e-transfers with real-time notifications 🔔

A majority of our survey respondents mentioned “uncertainty” being a major concern with their current e-transfer solution. Old school e-transfers can take anywhere from a few minutes to upward of 30 minutes. You’re left guessing what could have gone wrong. With 2-sided real-time notifications, we update both the payor and the receiver, every step of the way.

5. Secure connection to banks and credit unions. 🏦

Verto supports all of Canada’s big banks and regional smaller ones. We’ve expanded our support to more financial institutions ranging from more digital-centric banks like Tangerine to credit unions like Vancity, with plans to keep expanding.


Here's what we have coming soon!

1. Verto iOS App! The app has quite a few additional valuable capabilities beyond what’s currently available with the web app. Sign in using biometrics like Face ID, for added security and convenience, for instance. We’re also enabling customers to connect to their phone’s contact book to send/receive money from saved contacts, and (best of all) we’re building payment QR codes.


2. Scheduled & Recurring Payments. For everything from paying your rent, to collecting hockey fees, and from paying tutors, to settling your monthly strata contribution.


3. Group Payments. Whether you’re splitting bills and expenses with roommates, pooling funds for a baby shower, or collecting payments from teammates for your sports league – we’ve got group payments covered.


4. QR codes. With unique QR codes, you know you’re always paying the right Vivian Lee. It takes the guesswork out of payments. QR codes are also great for when you’re buying/selling stuff through Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace, for instance – no need to share personal info with a complete stranger, just scan a QR code, and you’re done.