Instant e-Transfer. The simplest way to collect group payments, in one go.

Group sports are fun. Group payment management – not so much!

Let Verto handle all the payment stuff: collecting payments & fees from multiple people, keeping tabs on who’s paid and reminding those who conveniently forgot!

Verto, in a nutshell.

Verto is the fastest way to collect, track, and schedule payments in Canada. Similar to Venmo, in the States, we make it easy for you to transfer/request for cash quickly and securely using just people’s mobile numbers or $VertoTags. No ‘adding recipients’, answering security questions, or any of that old school e-transfer stuff.


From the collection of dues, to group tracking, reminders, and automated scheduled payments – Verto’s got those painful payment processes all covered.

Everything you need, and more.

Quick and easy, Instant e-Transfer.

Live updates, reminders, & tracking.

Multiple payment requests, in one go.

Cashless and contactless.

Members & organizers transact on-the-go.


Collecting payments  should be as “easy as” multi-selecting people, picking an amount, hitting pay, and getting paid. That’s exactly how Verto Instant e-Transfer works. We’ve identified a gap in the payment and e-transfer space in Canada – quick and easy payments for groups not just for individuals. 


Ease and convenience aren’t just nice to have, they’re expected. By all of us, really. Verto’s scheduling feature, recurring payments capabilities, and payments links can make it so easy for your members to pay instantly or even set and forget their recurring payments.

Features that we’re launching soon.

1. Pay Links

Create pay links with predefined/custom form fields, to simplify collecting money, fees, donations, etc.

2. Verto for Business

The flexible way for businesses to get paid with one-tap checkout, recurring subscriptions, QR codes, and more!

3. Verto for Platforms and Marketplaces

Onboard merchants and service providers, manage payments, send payouts, and more.

4. Verto iPhone App!

All the features of the web app, plus additional valuable capabilities that come with a mobile app experience.

Customer Story

Learn how a Calgary-based hockey club organizer collected and tracked 29 fee payments in one place with Verto.
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