Learn how a hockey club organizer sent and tracked 29 fee payment requests in one place with Verto.



Save time and energy.

Hockey should be about fun and passion. Yet, for league captains and organizers who are responsible for fee collection – organizing team sports can end up being more of an administrative hassle than they’d like. No one wants that – not captains, and definitely not us.

Verto wants people to love what they do, and do what they love. That’s why we’re all about simplifying the not-so-enjoyable payment side of life.

Effective and efficient group collections.

Steve is a hockey club co-organizer who collects payments from multiple players. The players pay different amounts for fees, jerseys, and other expenses. They pay using different payment methods, and pay on different dates. It’s usually a struggle for Steve to keep up. This season, Steve used Verto’s bill split feature to create a group split with 29 people, in one go. He sent all 29 payment requests with one click, has been able to auto-remind players, watch real-time notifications roll in when he’s paid, know exactly how much he’s still owed, and receive all his payments in one single space.

Collecting twenty-nine payments is now as easy as collecting one. With Verto, I even have more time to actually enjoy my sport.