How a Calgarian e-seller uses Verto to find her refurbished antiques a new home, in a secure way.



Being in control of her personal data.

Being in control of our digital financial life requires us to be in control of our digital identity. As a regular e-marketplace seller, Laurie has been using Verto as an alternative to e-transfer. Why?…For the simple reason that with Verto’s $VertoTag or QR Code feature she doesn’t need to share her personal contact info with strangers off of the internet.


Contactless and secure.

Most recently, Laurie refurbished and sold a second-hand cedar chest. Her buyer appreciated the option to pay in a contactless way, without the direct involvement of his bank app and personal info. This buyer simply scanned Laurie’s Verto QR code, created an account, and moved money to Laurie’s Verto wallet, all within minutes, without any exchange of personal data. 

With Verto I find homes for my antiques, instantly and securely, with a simple scan of a QR code.