July 13, 2022

Q2 Update: iOS App, Payment Links, and Emoji Reactions

The first quarter of 2022 was significant from a capability development perspective. We rapidly released features that enabled us to differentiate ourselves from other peer-to-peer solutions in Canada. Driven by the constant need to innovate, we built a solution that helps Canadians pay/get paid in all the ways one can imagine – via QR codes, bill splits, scheduled & recurring payments, and shareable payment links. 



This quarter (Q2 2022), we took all those capabilities that were available for desktop and mobile web browsers, and extended them to the Verto iOS app (yes, we now have an iPhone app!). We’ve also introduced Payment Links and Emoji Reactions to both our iPhone App and our web app.

Colin Holowaychuk, COO

A builder of products and processes. Colin's the man with the operational plan.

Verto iOS App

The power of Verto is now available in the AppStore! Send, scan, split, share, and manage payments all in one place.

The iPhone app offers a few additional benefits vs the web app, creating a more elegant and secure customer experience:

1. Biometric Log In: Fingerprint ID/Face ID for faster and more secure login

2. Push Notifications: For contextual and relevant communication + notifications

3. Contact Connect: To help you connect Verto to your iPhone contacts so that you can pay/get paid easily by anyone in your phone’s contact book

Payment Links

Create PayLinks to simplify collecting payments, fees, donations, etc. 


  • 1. Add in a title to help organise your payment links
  • 2. Add a description for payors to see
  • 3. Choose between setting a custom ‘$’ amount, or leaving the amount open – allowing others to decide for themselves how much to pay you. 
  • 4. Share your payment links on social media and across any platform that you can imagine, collecting payments via everything from email and Whatsapp and iMessage and Twitter.

This is perfect for anything from collecting fees for your $60 yoga class to collecting open donations for the next summer BBQ that you organise.

Emoji Reactions

Based on customer feedback, we’ve learnt that our users want to be able to acknowledge the receipt of a payment or request. 


Emoji reactions are a fun way to do just that. 


Now you can respond to your friends with a few fun emojis 🔥🥳

A Noteworthy Highlight

This quarter Verto was registered as a Money Services Business, regulated by FINTRAC – the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada.

Coming Soon!

A glimpse into what’s next on the roadmap.

VERTO Android App (Q3)

Packaging our web app’s capabilities into an app experience for Android users.

Verto For Business (Q3)

Our first foray into merchant payments, offering businesses a way to collect ecommerce payments.

EMBEDDED Lending (Q4)

Consumer lending options, embedded into Verto. Access the funds you need, seamlessly in your Verto wallet.

Curated OFfers (q4)

Discovering and serving you contextually relevant offers from our partner network.