Instant fee collection, simplified.

Collect your league’s fees with Verto –  it’s the easy, simple, and secure way to pay and get paid in Canada.


Team Captains and players each get $20 within 1 business-day of signing up and paying their fees with Verto.

1. Sign Up

60-seconds is all it takes

3. Pay/Collect fees easily

Keep tabs on your team's payments

2. Get $ for using Verto!

Within 1 business day of signing up

What is Verto?  

Built in Vancouver, Verto is a Canadian solution that’s simplifying how people, teams and business pay and get paid.


With Verto, team captains can collect fees, auto-split expenses, send payment reminders, and keep track of their teams’ payments in one view.

The 3 ways you can use Verto to collect team payments.

1. Shareable Pay Links

Share a payment link with multiple teammates via e-mail, iMessage, Whatsapp, etc.

2. Bill Splitting

Our Bill Splitting function helps you split, collect, and track payments in one group.

3. Payment Requests

There's also the classic 1:1 payment request to collect fees from one teammate at a time.

Verto securely connects with Canadian banks and credit unions