Summer 2022

Urban Rec + Verto

Verto is like the Venmo for Canada. Use our ‘payment request’ or ‘bill split’ features to collect your team’s Urban Rec league fees this season! 


Captains and players get $30 each for using Verto, 30 extra days to pay, and a lucky draw for team prizes!


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What is Verto?

Payments are everywhere. They drive our lives. They connect us. Yet there hasn’t been one single Canadian payment platform that makes it possible to send, receive, schedule, split, and track payments, in one place.


Verto is the better way to pay and get paid in Canada.

Securely connect your bank or credit union

$30/captain, $30/player, 30 extra days, and more.

What’s in it for me? 

Sound like a sweet deal?

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Meet Mark. He’s a great guy. He’s also your Verto Concierge.

Mark Bell’s a project manager with Verto. He’s here to support all participating Urban Rec Captains during this program!


$30/captain, $30/player, and an extra 30 days to pay!

Interested? Fill in this form. We’ll be in touch with more details.