Venmo alternatives in Canada.

Venmo is an extremely popular payment solution based in the United States that allows individuals to send and receive money for things like splitting the tab on a meal or rent. 

Apps like Venmo remove the awkwardness of asking people for money, you can simply use the app to send payment requests or get paid. Due to Venmo’s popularity in the U.S., many Canadians often wonder if Venmo is available in Canada? Unfortunately Venmo is not available in Canada. But there is another payment service option available to Canadians, Verto.

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What is Venmo?

Venmo is an app that allows users to send peer-to-peer payments, founded in 2009.


People use Venmo for splitting bills such as rent, or dinner. Typically people make smaller cash transfers using the Venmo app. A Venmo account is linked to a bank account or credit card which allows you to fund the balance in your Venmo account, similar to PayPal.

Venmo doesn’t charge its users any monthly or annual fees, nor does it charge you any fees for sending or receiving money. It also doesn’t charge you anything for funding your Venmo account from your linked bank account.

Is Venmo available in Canada?

Venmo is not available in Canada. In order to use Venmo, individuals need to be located in the United States. You will also need a U.S. phone number.

Are there alternative for Venmo in Canada?

Yes! Canadians looking for payment services in Canada can use Verto – a Vancouver based payment solution. 

Verto securely links to Canadian banks and credit unions and is an ideal solution for Canadians who are looking to pay and get paid, easily and securely. People in Canada use Verto for splitting bills among friends, paying membership dues for sports leagues, paying their landlord for rent and more.

Why do People in Canada Choose Verto to Pay and Get Paid?

Here are some reasons why Verto is a great payment solution for Canadians:

1. Zero Fees Verto doesn’t charge any monthly fees or transaction fees


2. More Options Flexible payment options, from bill splitting, scheduled/recurring payments, and QR codes


3. Secure Best-in-class encryption protocols


4. Instant e-transfers


5. Quickly get started – signing up for a Verto account takes only a few minutes, no excruciatingly long sign up process! To send payments, all you need is someone’s phone number or $Verto tag