Collect fees by June 15.
$30 bonus!💸

A great payment app, with an even greater offer 😎

Already paid Urban Rec your team’s fees this season, but haven’t collected from your teammates yet?


We know that rounding up the troops can be such a pain! Use Verto Payment Links or Bill Split to streamline collecting fees from your teammates by June 15, and you and your teammates get $30!



It’s a great group payment app, with an even greater promotional offer.

Let us at know if you’re interested, we’ll be in touch with more details!

Testimonials from our Winter + Spring seasons.

Verto is like the ‘Venmo for Canada’, it’s really fast and simple. It's also useful to keep team payments organized.
Ellan Ponjani
Captain, UrbanRec
I’d describe Verto as a good alternative to e-transfer, for paying or requesting payments from anyone. It made collecting fees easy, with the ability to track payments in one place.
Tim Kato
Captain, UrbanRec
During our pilot program Verto worked closely with our team to build a bill splitting feature that simplifies fee collection for our team captains.
Chris McNally
Co-Founder, UrbanRec