Good things come to those who waitlist.

Put your email address down, then refer friends, and get reward points for your referrals. Or, if you feel like you’re not sure what Verto is, check out our website before signing up to the waitlist.


  • “Millions of Canadians use the same old e-transfer app, but millions of these same people are far from happy with the experience – it’s frustrating, it’s unintuitive, and it’s slow.” If you agree with this statement, this is a waitlist for you.

    It’s to get you early access to a new e-transfer app that makes sending and receiving money as simple as it should be.

  • Well, to get early access to an e-payment app that’s faster, simpler, and more fun than what you’ve probably been using in Canada. And to get Verto points that you can collect+redeem when we launch the app.

  • Yes, absolutely!

    Put yourself on the waitlist and we’ll send over a link to your very own Referral Dashboard. Here’s where you can send referral invites to people that you know. They’ll get points when they sign up, and so will you! Keep tabs on who’s signed up, how many points you’ve racked up, and more, through the Referral Dashboard.

  • There are a couple of things you can do with Verto points: you could redeem them for gifts from our Verto Store (being built as we speak), or you could choose to pay it forward by donating the value of your Verto points to a Canadian non-profit organization, and more.

    We’re exploring more ways that these referral points could make a difference to your life, or to the lives of others!

  • Our small but high-octane team’s been working hard to develop an app prototype. We’re testing this prototype even while you’re reading this – yes, this very second, whatever time it is, we’re probably testing.

    And the plan is to have a working version 1.0 out to everyone who’s on this waitlist in the next few months. We’ll keep you in the loop if there’s any change of plans, but so far we’re on target.