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Check out our Top 5 FAQ’s, and then you should be good to get collecting/paying for everything from self-organized events and team fees, to splitting grocery costs and scheduling rent.

Verto helps you save time, collect easily, and pay instantly.

With payment links, bill splitting, requests, reminders, and QR code – Verto helps thousands of Canadians pay and get paid across people and groups.

Features you really should get started with!

payment links

Create and share your unique payment link across Whatsapp, email, iMessage, or any social platform.

Bill split

Collect from multiple people in a group or team, in one go. Split, track, and remind – in one space.


One-to-one requests (with reminders), if you’re not really collecting from a larger group.


Set and forget it. Schedule a payment to go out immediately or recur on a schedule.

Top 5 FAQ's to help you

In case you were wondering

Verto was founded on the principle that you have a right to your financial information. You should get to decide where, how, and with whom it’s shared.


We are compliant with FINTRAC Canada’s regulations and registered as a Money Service Business.


Here’s more on our promise of security.

Here’s everything Verto offers that Interac e-Transfer does not:

1.  Payment links for you to pay/get paid across your social media and messaging app.

2.  ‘Contact Connect’ for you to automatically sync Verto with your phone contacts and never again waste time manually adding in contacts

3.  Bill Splitting for group/team payments and collections

4.  QR Codes, to pay and get paid instantly with a simple scan.


More on Verto vs E-Transfer here.

 1. Instantly send and receive money from friends using only their mobile phone number or $VertoTag.


2. Use our Bill Split feature to collect funds from multiple people in one place. Yup, you won’t have to create a dozen e-transfers to collect your soccer team’s fees. Never again.


3. QR code payments are the secure way to move money fast and move money securely. The next time you sell anything to a stranger from Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or Kijiji – show them your QR code instead of revealing your personal email or mobile number.


4. Pay/collect monthly rent, schedule weekly payments to your dog-sitter, or send your partner your share of your joint data plan. Scheduled and recurring payments reduce your hassle.

You can send payments and requests to any Canadian using just their mobile phone number. To accept their payment, however, yes they will have to create an account through the payment/request link that they receive in their SMS inbox.

1. Sign in to Verto

2. Head to your Account screen (on the left)

3. Tap the ‘My Wallet’ option

4. Tap the ‘Manage Connected Banks’ option

5. Add your Canadian Bank or Credit Union

The better way to pay and get paid in Canada

Frictionless and secure.

Securely connect to banks and credit unions, it takes only 2-minutes. We’re compliant with FINTRAC regulations, encrypt all transactions, and we do not sell our customers’ data to third parties.