Shareable Links

You can turn your unique QR code into a shareable link to send to friends, family, customers, donors or followers, to expand your reach exponentially.

Share via iMessage, Whatsapp, or even social media platforms to collect funds from lots of people in one place.

Supercharge your collection efforts.

Turn your QR code into a link, share on multiple platforms, and start collecting your funds pronto. 

Keep your personal info private.

Why share your email address, mobile number, or even your name to start collecting funds, when you have the option to go safe, secure, and private?

No integrations needed.

Perfect for everyone from people running small businesses, to event organizers, and friends going on a trip. It’s a no-integration way to start collecting funds instantly.

Product Recap & Roadmap

Here's a peek into what we've achieved so far, and what we have planned for Q1 2022.
Check out this update by Colin Holowaychuk, our COO.
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