APR 15, 2022

Q1 Top 4 NEW Features: Bill Splitting, QR Codes, Scheduled & Recurring Payments, and Shareable Links.

As promised in our last product update we’ve released new features that set us apart from payments solutions that most of Canada is used to. 


Check out our recent releases and learn what you can use these powerful yet easy-to-use features for. 


We’re also running a limited time ‘Bill Split’ promo offer for you and your friends to get $20 each for using our new Bill Split feature! Scroll down, just a bit for the promo offer.

Colin Holowaychuk, COO

A builder of products and processes. Colin's the man with the operational plan.

Additional NEW features!

Features coming soon.

1. Pay Links

Create pay links with predefined/custom form fields, to simplify collecting money, fees, donations, etc.

2. Verto for Business

The flexible way for businesses to get paid with one-tap checkout, recurring subscriptions, QR codes, and more!

3. Verto for Platforms and Marketplaces

Onboard merchants and service providers, manage payments, send payouts, and more.

4. Verto iPhone App!

All the features of the web app, plus additional valuable capabilities that come with a mobile app experience.